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Also, once a paint job was done people thought that was pretty much it.

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A vehicle's style and identity is based not only on what's under the hood but also how it catches the eye.

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PAINTWRAPS is a revolutionary vehicle paint replacement process that’s been around for over a decade, but is brand new to the American auto market.

Because there are none of the inflated costs typically associated with “auto painting”, PAINTWRAPS installers are able to provide an authentic paint job that is a fast, affordable paint alternative to any vehicle.

Unlike “printed or colored graphic” film that is usually associated with vehicle wraps, designs or advertising, PAINTWRAPS is a paint substitute. This unique product has been successfully used for years in Europe and Asia by leading car companies, vehicle dealerships, auto rental companies, transportation services, city and government agencies, custom car professionals, consumers-just about anyplace where the need to change a car’s paint color is called for or required.

PAINTWRAPS are made of an ultra-thin, adhesive backed vinyl product that is applied right over the existing paint of any car or vehicle. Because of the high-tech nature and years of development behind PAINTWRAPS , there’s never a risk to a vehicle’s finish or damage to the underlying original paint.

PAINTWRAPS can be applied to any vehicle of any design. The result is an attractive affordable new vehicle appearance that can withstand the elements and can be easily cared for and cleaned just like any factory paint job.

The result is a striking paint-like surface that can be added to any existing paint job for perfect paint replacement, stunning two tone paint themes or sporty stylish accents to any vehicle without altering or impacting the original factory paint job.

Most importantly: PAINTWRAPS will not damage or depreciate your car’s value as traditional paint will.